Horizon 2020 & acceXible

The Horizon 2020 funding program highlights, as no other previous funding program before, Dissemination and Exploitation as core activities.

Impact Section

One third of a project's evaluation is based on the Impact section (dissemination, communication and exploitation activities). acceXible can be the Expert that prepares the Impact section proposal and executes it during the project's lifetime. Having a specialized partner on "Impact" may be the difference to succeed with an award winning proposal in Horizon2020.

Project Partner

We join the Consortium as Project Partner and all of our activities are funded by the Horizon2020 program, there is NO cost for the rest of the Partners.

Additionally, our staff is sometimes hired as a Consultant or In-House Consultant by a project partner to either lead or participate in the dissemination and communication activities of the project. For more information please contact us: accexibleflexible@gmail.com